Citroen #C1MasterOfFit – Interactive bus shelter


Arco della Pace bus shelter in Milan becomes an interactive gym with an unconventional digital game.

Motion sensors detect pedestrians and start the game on a 55″ touch screen: the first call to action consists of a fitness challenge to make the new city car C1 move. As you touch the screen a 20-second countdown for your run in place starts: the more energy you spend, the more your C1 travels.You can achieve 4 levels, but the real celebration occurs when you become Master of Fit. At the end of the competition you can take a photo and send it to your email address making the campaign viral with the hashtag #C1Masteroffit.

 We developed the project with Arduino Uno and the interactive software Orfware for motion detection. It  is an unexpected and pleasing experience which can also “improve your circulation“!

Video credits: IGP Decaux


Pedestrians and public transport users


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